1 Day Advanced Facials & Chemical Peels Course

Just Training £400 (Incl VAT)  

Training & Kit £824.00 (Incl VAT)

Level 3 & Above Only 

Our Advanced Facials & Chemical Peels Course is designed to teach you the skills to be able to competently offer effective Advanced Facial Treatments including Chemical Peels.   

This comprehensive and in-depth course is completed in one day.

Advanced Facials and Chemical Skin Peels primarily work by exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. Many different types of serums and acids are used in this treatment. Most advanced facials and skin peel treatments today are superficial in nature and therefore now skin peeling is actually observed.


​You are required to bring 1 model to the course days.  The course is run from 10am-4pm on a one day basis. Lunch is included on the day. 


All of our students will receive a 10% discount code for AATA for 3 months after passing the course to help them along their new journey.  You will also receive 2 hours free mentoring to be taken within 3 month upon completion of the course.  All of our students will have life time support from the AATA Team.


Starter Kit Includes:

  • AHA 40 200ml x1

  • pH Restore 200ml x1

  • Pure Cleanse 200ml x2

  • Skin Nourish Serum 30ml x2

  • Recovery Balm 50ml x5

  • Daily Moisture Defence 50ml x5


​Course Content


  • Revision of Skin A&P

  • Skin Health

  • History of Advanced Facials 

  • History of skin peeling

  • Science behind skin peeling

  • Treatable skin conditions & types

  • Products and ingredients used during treatment


  • Contraindications

  • Aftercare

  • Introduction to epiderma5

  • Hands-on practice Q & A

  • Marketing Advice


  • Carrying out treatments:

  • Live Demo

  • Step-by-step

  • Treatment techniques


  • Handling equipment and safety:


  • Providing aftercare to the client:

  • Returning clients and treatment maintenance

  • Combination treatments

We expect the delegates to have read the course materials fully prior to attending the onsite course at the Advanced Aesthetics Training Academy.  In order to graduate from all of our courses, students will need to pass a final written examination to assess their knowledge and understanding, and to pass a practical observation performing the treatment in full, including client consultation and aftercare.  We will provide an ABT Accredited Advanced Aesthetics Academy Diploma.

​Our courses are all based on core knowledge taught on the short course but in addition includes a substantial theory component which explores the science behind the treatment further, and comprises of a practical training session where you will be asked to demonstrate your competence in the treatment through a series of assessments and exams.

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