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 Vitawell Anti-Ageing Clinic is a leading Advanced Aesthetics Clinic based in South Essex, established in 2016  by Clinical Director Debbie Spires.  

Upon opening, the clinic very quickly confirmed itself as a ‘Clinic of Excellence’ and has gained multiple accreditations with Consulting Room, Save Face, MASCED, Venus Concept, IMAGE Skincare Foundation, HyaLips, 3D Lipo, Celuma, Airbase, Diamond Derma, Neo-elegance, The British Beauty Association, ABT and VCTC in providing the latest advanced beauty and non-invasive aesthetic treatments, using bespoke techniques to maximise results.

Vitawell favours market leading technology and products known to deliver exceptional treatments for body sculpting, skin perfecting, permanent, wrinkle relaxing, lip filling, jawline and chin contouring amongst much more.

Vitawell’s vision is to provide the best evidence-based treatments to the highest standard of care in our beautiful clinic with state of the art facilities, delivered by our highly skilled therapists and practitioners who between them have over 35 years experience in the beauty, health, fitness and aesthetics industries.



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AATA was born from Vitawell to deliver bespoke accredited online and in classroom courses designed to provide our students with an efficient way to learn that is stream lined and provides all the skills any student would require to create a lucrative business based around a new skill set.

AATA prides itself on its learning and development facilities that enables all ambitious and enthusiastic students to take their first steps in carving a successful career within the Aesthetics Industry.